Special Circumstances Non-Traditional Career Paths By Gender

Non-Traditional Career Paths By Gender

Non-traditional careers by gender are those careers in which less than 25% of the workforce is of your gender. Many students steer away from these occupations because of lack of knowledge about the careers or fear of being different.

Choosing a non-traditional career offers a number of benefits.

  • Job Satisfaction. Research shows that individuals who choose careers based on their interests and abilities rather than on gender stereotypes experience greater job satisfaction.
  • Higher Salaries and Better Benefits. For women, non-traditional careers often offer salaries that are 20 to 30 percent higher than salaries for traditional careers. Nontraditional careers also often offer better health and retirement benefits.
  • Better Advancement Opportunities/Established Career Ladders. In non-traditional careers that are unionized and/or have established career ladders employees can work their way up to even higher salaries and better benefits.
  • Variety. There are a wide variety of careers available. Career searches should not be limited! Considering non-traditional careers provides a greater variety of career opportunities.
  • Opportunities to Learn. Work and skills needed for nontraditional employment may be unfamiliar. Non-traditional careers offer the opportunity to learn new information and skills, sometimes while you work.

Based on information from http://uhcc.hawaii.edu/nontrad/benefits.php.

Finding a career that meets personality, skills and interest and provides a family sustaining wage is often the key to lifelong satisfaction.  Societal pressures, peer groups or significant individuals in a student’s life who encourage excluding any career options because of the student’s gender restricts the student’s ability to find the perfect educational and career match.

Students who elect to enroll in educational majors leading to nontraditional by gender careers should look for support networks on the campus including clubs, organizations and mentors.

A brief article about non-traditional careers is located on the following pages.

Young women interested in STEM careers can check out the White House site on Women in Stem in the US:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp/women

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