Self Assessment ASVAB Career Exploration Program

ASVAB Career Exploration Program

ASVAB Career Exploration Program  

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program provides high-quality, career exploration and planning materials at no cost to high schools throughout the country. The Program encourages students to explore a wide variety of careers, rather than limiting their exploration by telling them what they can or should do.

According to the ASVAB Career Exploration Website,

The ASVAB Program provides tools, including the test battery and interest inventory, developed by the Department of Defense to help high school and postsecondary students across the nation learn more about career exploration and planning. Results of the aptitude test and the interest inventory enable students to evaluate their skills, estimate performance in academic and vocational endeavors, and identify potentially satisfying careers. These results are integrated with work values to help students identify and prioritize possible career choices. Students are encouraged to consider their own work-related values and other important personal preferences as they explore the world of work and learn career exploration skills that will benefit them throughout their work lives.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is administered by an Education Services Specialist (who is a civilian) and, typically, several area recruiters. Students and parents may have concerns regarding the military affiliation; aside from several information sheets available for printing from the ASVAB Program website (designed to provide information about the program’s usefulness for all students, not just the ones who have military interests), it is useful to inform them that students can use the school’s contact information if they do not desire to provide their own. The point is to take the test and use the information as part of a larger program of career development that is not necessarily military-related.

The ASVAB delivers information to students about their current skill levels in mathematics, English, and science/mechanical knowledge skills. School counselors with the support of the civilian Education Services Specialist help students interpret their scores.  Various online and print resources provided by the ASVAB Program lead students through the a Holland-based interest inventory, a discussion of work values, exploration of careers using the “OCCU-Find,” and, ultimately, use of the Occupational Outlook Handbook and O-NET (the online version of the exploration activities links directly to both of these sites).

The best part: every single component is free.

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is intended for use with students in grades 10-12.

For information about the ASVAB Program, including a more specific description and links to brochures, parent letters, and other handouts, and click the link “Educators and Counselors” at the top. You will also find a request form for more information from an Educational Services Specialist.

Download a copy of the educators’ fact sheet and information on integrating.