Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Before embarking on their postsecondary goals, students should complete some self-exploration. They must increase their awareness about their current skills, talents, and aptitudes and how those attributes can be related to their future careers. Once they understand that connection, and perhaps begin to develop a plan to strengthen any areas of need through course planning and/or continue to develop their strengths, then they can discover the types of postsecondary schools and programs that will compliment and support them.

We begin, then, at the beginning! In the following pages there are some self-assessment tools, designed to

  1. help students get an accurate picture of their current academic skills, talents, and aptitudes
  2. set the stage for relevant and meaningful preparation for postsecondary education
  3. explore those postsecondary options and the ways to get there

Many of these tools easily integrate or are a part of larger-scale programs that will lead student’s right into the college search process.

• Interests • Skills • Values • Personality •

Career Pathways

Students can begin by selecting a career pathway of interest.  This career pathway will help guide the student in selecting electives, career and technology programs, job shadowing activities and a host of other career specific activities throughout their high school career.  Selecting a pathway rather than a specific occupation allows students to see the broad range of occupations that can relate to a single area of interest and allows flexibility to hone that interest over time.  Ultimately, this career pathway will help the student select an appropriate educational pathway so that the student can follow their interest to build a fulfilling career.

Below are links to descriptions and resources to five clusters that encompass all of the occupations and careers that are available.

Arts and Communications
Designed to cultivate students’ awareness, interpretation, application and production of visual, verbal and written work.

Business, Finance and Information Technology
Designed to prepare students for careers in the world of business, finance and information services.

Engineering and Industrial Technology
Designed to cultivate students’ interest, awareness and application to areas related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install or maintain physical systems.

Human Services
Designed to cultivate students’ interests, skills and experience for employment in careers related to families and human needs.

Science and Health
Designed to cultivate students’ interest in the life, physical and behavioral sciences.  In addition, the planning, managing and providing of therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health information and biochemistry research development.