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Test Prep for ACT

The ACT sports four trademark multiple-choice subject tests covering English, Math, Reading, and Science. These are designed to evaluate your overall educational development and your ability to complete college-level work. You will have 2 hours and 55 minutes of dedicated test time to complete the subject tests, not including breaks.

As far as scoring goes, your subject test scores (ranging from 1 to 36) are determined after throwing out any incorrect answers — only correct responses count! The four areas are then averaged together to come up with your overall, or composite, score.

The ACT also includes an optional 30-minute writing test designed to measure your skill in planning and writing a short essay. This segment is your chance to highlight your writing skills! If you opt to take it, the additional scores will be reported, along with comments about your essay. These scores are reported separately.

So, if writing is a weak area, you might want to take the ACT and skip the writing section, since it is currently optional (although some schools require it) check the admissions websites to be sure). If writing is your strength, having extra kudos passed on to your choice schools may benefit you.


ACT Preparation Resources – All prep activities on this site are designed by ACT developers. It offers practice questions, a “Question of the Day,” and a variety of information about general test-taking tips. Specific test sections are also addressed. There is also a downloadable (paper) practice test with scoring key. – This site has a well-developed and comprehensive ACT prep program which includes practice questions, content review, and test-taking strategies. The language is humorous and student-friendly. – Once on this page, type “free ACT” into the search option in the upper right corner; click “Free Practice ACT Test.” You will be asked to enter your zip code, then taken to a screen to begin your practice test.

As with the SAT, Kaplan ACT Prep and The Princeton Review both offer paid ACT prep courses (online and in person) for a fee ranging from $169 (for an online course) to over $2,000 (for private, in-home services). Some of the courses are guaranteed to raise ACT scores or your money back.

For Princeton Review information, go here or call 1-800-2REVIEW.

For Kaplan information, go here or call 1-800-KAP-TEST