Pre-College Assessments SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests

According to The College Board’s website, SAT Subject Tests are the only national admission tests that measure students’ knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, and their ability to apply that knowledge. They are closely linked to the high school curriculum and have a proven track record of providing colleges with a highly reliable, objective assessment of student readiness for college-level work. The SAT Subject Tests give students an additional opportunity to distinguish themselves and showcase their skills in a particular subject area.”

Your potential school(s) may not require these exams (check school admissions websites for information), but you can consider taking them if you are particularly adept at a particular subject or if a subject test or tests directly relate to your major or intended career field.

Tests vary greatly in format and skills assessed; more specific information is included on the following page.

SAT Subject Test preparatory resources can be found on the following sites: