College Visitations

While Webcams, photos, and virtual tours can show you a lot about the campus, nothing beats actually spending an afternoon or overnight and really soaking in the atmosphere and culture of the place (and maybe even attending a class or two). Be certain to contact each college and reserve your visit so you will be sure to get a great tour, along with any other services they provide. It is also possible to schedule an interview with an admissions counselor or an appointment with financial aid during your visit. Below, you will find potential questions to ask while visiting; remember, you and your family may have different questions and concerns, and that is ok! This is meant to be a comprehensive list, so some items here may or may not apply to your situation. Feel free to copy this page and use it to take notes on each of the colleges you see; it will help you compare schools and ultimately make decisions about where you would like to apply.

To arrange a college tour/visit, begin by visiting the school’s admissions website (or calling the school’s admissions office). Often, tours are advertised prominently on this page. Schools may host large-scale visitation days (often targeting sophomores and juniors in high school) that offer large group tours, information sessions, opportunities to speak with current students and professors, and sometimes college-planning sessions. You may also find small-group tours listed on the website; if not, and this is an option that interests you, call the admissions office directly to arrange it.

If you intend to speak with a representative from financial aid, disability services, or another office while you are on campus, contact them to arrange an appointment; do not assume that someone will be available for a walk-in appointment. Time is limited during a visit; it is better to guarantee time than waste it waiting for someone to speak with you.

Pre-Application Activities

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