Pre-Application Activities Big Future by the College Board

Big Future by the College Board

Big Future by the College Board

Big Future bills itself as being a “one-stop resource for all the information and tools needed to help students make the best college decisions,” whose mission is to “guide more students to college, motivate students of all backgrounds, help to get students more engaged in college planning, and help steer students toward the colleges where they have the best chance of success,” by “providing reliable best practice and effective tools” for students, parents, and the educators who guide them.

The site has six components: Get Started, Find Colleges, Explore Careers, Pay For College, Get In, and Make a Plan.

In general, Big Future is a comprehensive college planning program (including valuable information about career exploration, the application process, and financial aid) with a large college search component. The program prominently features the stories and testimony of high school and college students from varied backgrounds, and the ways in which they approached their college planning. When students sign up on the website, their data is saved as they complete activities and read articles. Although there is a career exploration component, it is useful to have some preconceived idea of career interest when accessing the site.

There is a wealth of information here, and the college search features in particular are highly customizable: criteria include religious affiliation, the option to choose historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions, presence and quality of disability services, and the ability to match students’ college entrance exam scores to the college averages.


Pre-Application Activities

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