Additional Information

Application Fee

College application fees vary, but generally it costs from $35 to $50 to apply to each college. Fees are nonrefundable. Many colleges offer fee waivers (that is, they do not require the fee) to students who cannot afford to pay. If you need application fee waivers, speak with your school counselor.

Remember that students who took the SAT using a fee waiver are entitled to four college application fee waivers as well. You must complete and submit a Request for Waiver of College Application Fee form (available from your school counselor) by mail for each application/school.

Official High School Transcript

The record of the classes you have taken and your grades is one of the most important parts of your application. Your high school should send your official transcript, along with a school profile, directly to the postsecondary schools to which you applied. Ask your counselor about how to arrange for this. And be sure to check the transcript for errors before it is sent. Colleges also require a final transcript as proof of your graduation; be sure to arrange for this to be sent as well.

Auditions and/or Portfolios

Some programs, such as music, art, architecture, or theater programs, require an audition or portfolio review as part of their admissions process. Pay strict attention to submission deadlines, audition dates, and formatting requirements!

College Interview

Many schools no longer require an interview as part of the admissions process, however, you can ask for an interview, even if it is not required. It shows you are serious and gives you a chance to connect with someone in the admission office. Even if a college is far away, you may be able to interview with a local alumnus. Some college interview tips follow.